Moving slow, under no pressure, to enjoy your spare time in a regenerating and stimulating way.
A way of travelling that is quiet but not passive, that will make you skilled at what you love while you are having fun.
Flavoursome and delicious itineraries, cooking sessions, wine tastings, gourmet dinners and visits to traditional shops.
To enjoy life in company of out of the ordinary people, to take time for yourself in a creative way and feel satisfied with that.
For the “bien vivre” lovers, for the ones devoted to conviviality and good food.
Away from mass tourism, discovering those corners of Italy which are less known but still full of beauty and sources of interest.
In order to make your trip a moment of delight and pleasure we will propose tailor-made itineraries building them around your wishes.

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La Botte Piccola is a Tour Operator specialized in wine and food routes in Italy.
We will take you to discover a gourmand country with guides that are out of the ordinary. From the chef to the writer, from the historian to the archeologist.
We will take you to visit natural wine producers, to enjoy your meals at Michelin-starred restaurants, local inns full of charm and tradition, in “trattorie” that propose the “Italian fast food”. And, again, excellent fine shops where you will be able to find real rarities, fresh food local markets, long tradition farms. Our name tells it all, “La Botte Piccola” (the small cask). In Italian we say that “nella botte piccola c’è il vino buono”, which means small things come in small packages; the literary translation is as follows: in the small cask you get the good wine. Well, this is also the representation of our philosophy: the small tour operator proposes high quality tours for very small groups.
In the cask the maturation of the wine takes place, just the same way the ideas for the tour get shape slowly and with great care.
Always flexible La Botte Piccola welcomes your requests, your ideas and your proposals; in order to customize your tailor-made tour upon your wishes.
Food and wine will be the centre of our proposals, but you will also be getting offers over special and original events, cultural and artistic happenings, underground cinema festivals, concerts, painting events, visits to major monuments just as to palaces that normally are closed to the public…in sum many interesting surprises…

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Transport will be organized in the most comfortable way. La Botte Piccola will take care of your transportation, and the means of transport will vary from the mini van to the Rolls Royce. You will be enjoying your itinerary in a carefree way. We pay a great care in the choice of your accommodation, always taking place in premises of great charme: very few bedrooms, unique position, high standard services. As if you were hosted at a friend’s home. From private villas to hotel compounds, from villas situated inside properties of natural wine producers to inns lost in the olive groves. Lunches and dinners will be moments of great joy both for palate and sight. From the restaurant that has obtained honours and international awards such as the Michelin Star, to the most simple and traditional inns or “trattorie” that propose the local specialities. What you have tasted will remain saved in your memory, until the next trip, just when you will be undergoing new culinary adventures.

Vintage VW RockNRoll Surfing The Basque Coast Excursion.

La Botte Piccola is pleased to propose her special summer break experience.

We have it all: best waves, best transport, best music, best guide and last but not least best food and wine.

Let’s Go Surfing!

Yoga Retreat In Apulia, Your Personal Spring.

La Botte Piccola is pleased to propose a special spring break that will help your body and soul wake up after your busy and demanding winter. We will take you in a generous countryside in the south of Italy for a 1 week yoga practice that will help your restore your connection with nature and awaken your senses in a unique setting.

Bubbles and tradition respect the terroir and nature.

The trip that the Botte Piccola is pleased to offer you is a “bubbly” romantic weekend in the Champagneregion of France.

A trip that will give you the opportunity to visit 4 different producers of the famous pétillant wine, discovering the peculiarities of the diverse production traditions and the different stages of this high quality product.

Tuscany, good wine and good food by starlight

La Botte Piccola is pleased to offer you an exclusive and completely relaxing weekend in an extraordinary location of timeless beauty…

Tuscany, Chianti, Montalcino and Colline Lucchesi, the natural way to wine

The offer I have the pleasure to present has been specially tailored for a group of eight wine connoisseurs who wish to better understand what is really meant for natural or organic wines…

Piemont: finally “good, clean and fair”

The Trip that La Botte Piccola has the pleasure to propose takes place in the “not to be missed” Salone del Gusto, organized by Slowfood in Turin. A long weekend dedicated to the discovery of “good, clean and fair” food, as the famous saying goes.

Veneto, Naturally Gourmand

The offer la Botte Piccola has the pleasure to present is especially tailored for a gourmand public who wishes to discover an unknown Veneto…

Trentino Alto Adige, out for shoping with Pantagruele

The travel that La Botte Piccola has the pleasure to propose to you is in Trentino Alto Adige, in Val di Fiemme, and is a really complete gastronomic experience…

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