La Botte Piccola is pleased to propose a special spring break that will help your body and soul wake up after your busy and demanding winter.

We will take you in a generous countryside in the south of Italy for a 1 week yoga practicethat will help your restore your connection with nature and awaken your senses in a unique setting. 

Your teacher Fiammetta will guide you through a chakra restorative experience, each day we are going to explore and balance a different chakra, using asana, pranayama, dharana and dhyana as tools to connect with your higher self. 

With over 10 years of experience and 6 years running her own studio ( her style is a fusion off all her grate teachers, from the more traditional Indian linages of Hatha Raja yoga, to the more modern style of Vinyasa yoga, with a deep combination of yin yoga and midfacial technique she is a competent and complete teacher.

The chosen periodcorresponds to natural rebirth, march 20/27th 2020.

The placethat has been selected for your stay and practice is a fortified farmhouse “Masseria”, a beautiful historic mansion that clearly tells us about Apulia, its generosity and kindness. 

Nature will be at its peak of beauty and each and every detail will tease your senses.

Between the pure white of limes and the pure white of stones, you can breathe the air of this land, the scent of laurel, olive and cherry trees, that will bring back to mind pleasant childhood memories .

Here you will enjoy the beauty of olive oil trees that mean Apulia, in a property that really fits in this natural context, its history and pure traditions. 

The elegance that reflects Masseria Le Torri shows itself off with its unique style, travellers are welcomed with the southern sense of hospitality. From a careful and mindful restoration project, an enchanting structure has come out, in honour to the owner’s spirit, Mr. Mimmo Pugliese, and his desire to return back to the origins, bringing back to life the farm he used to live in when he was a child. 

Transparent and light fabrics, special chandeliers and soft sheets give the rooms the “no time beauty” for a perfect place for resting and relaxation. A combination of natural wood and stone, white and cream, a touch of further refinement will disclose its beaut in each and every space.. Each suite is made unique thanks to the selection of some objects that feature the space: like an open book, with a red rose as a bookmark, or old doors that lose their original function to marry the new one –bed headboards.

Masseria Le Torri is immersed in the nature of Apulia, the ideal place to take care of yourself, surrounded by enchanting spots.You can go jogging, use the bicycles made available free of charge from the farm, or book an extra yoga class and massage, as well as crown your relaxing holiday, between natural beauties and wellness.

In order to provide you with a total relaxation and better benefit of your yoga practice we have planned a 30 minutes welcome massage, provided and performed by massage experts that practice different techniques.
(provided by spa Chez Vous)

For those who will want to repeat the experience and plan an extra relaxing massage schedule it is also possible to book in advance various types of massage at the Masseria, the list can be provided on request.

Types of massage provide a fascinating journey through time, incorporating antique traditions and fascinating techniques originating from diverse cultures.

The extraordinary healing properties of plants and the gems associated to the giving of exclusive massages, give back to our skin its original beauty and this is so from the very first treatment onwards.

Embracing movements, having their origin in traditional Indian medicine, accumulate, redistribute, and balance the energy of all vital fluids, as well as strengthen organism in general and raise health levels.

This trip really means to be your personal spring.

The chosen Masseria has been selected because it perfectly reflects the spirit of the land where it is situated and because of the astonishing area where it is located.

The area is perfect for either rest in the beauty of nature or discover the neighbour that disclose unique little villages and natural spots.

Please feel free to ask for suggestions to discover the beautiful surroundings.

Polignano a Mare is a “must see” little village with its incredible cliffs that have inspired the famous song “Volare” by Domenico Modugno.

Take your time to get lost in the streets of Conversano, and in Alberobello, a World Heritage site in 1996, with the easily recognisable trulli that are remarkable examples of drywall (mortarless) construction, a prehistoric building technique still in use in this region. 

Materais not too far away and is the European Capital fo Culture this 2019, that you probably have seen in “The Passion of the Christ” the American biblical drama film directed by Mel Gibson, you can also go and visit the unique beauty of the Cathedral of Bariand the unique Cathedral of Trani.

For those who will prefer the life in the Masseria la Botte Piccola will propose some home activities that will help you discover the local traditions that once were brought about in the Masseria (activities are on request and can be planned in advance before arrival).

The proposed ideas are three, and reflect the territory and its traditions and have been chosen because of the special relationship they have with this land and region. 

The firs proposal is a course to create beeswax candles and organic soap with olive oil with the Doctor Teodoro Ugone, a really “not to be missed encounter”.

Doctor Teodoro Ugone will disclose the secrets of the ancient knowledges related to his botanic studies that he performs everyday in his local pharmacy, his knowledge of the ancient farm traditions associated to knowledges related to Botanical families and phytochemical diversity  will forever change your  approach to plant-based combinations for health benefits.

You will learn how to make candles from the 1700s with natural elements, such as natural beeswax, essential oils, herbs from our the unique officinal garden at the Masseria, a real rare perl that the owner has restored with pure love for its property. It will also be possible to make a biological soap with simple and natural ingredients just like the ones Teo sells in his pharmacy. The making of the soap is based strictly on organic olive oil, herbs and essential oils taken from from the officinal garden. 

The second relaxing activity is PanariWorkshop: hand-woven baskets, composed by olive and cane rushes, the typical material found at the Masseria, the ancient farming heart of the area, nowadays the decorative component in the Apulian houses.

And the last proposal is a Cookinglesson from Puglia.

You will Spend an afternoon of joy and discovery of our traditions with the so called “sun of the Masseria”.

The cook, an expert and very jovial housewife, will teach you how to prepare some traditional dishes according to the original recipes learnt from the voice of her grandmother, using fresh and genuine ingredients coming right from the Massria countryside.

We will be happy to meet you at the Masseria on Friday the 20th for you to enjoy the delectable welcome dinner. Please feel free to require transportation from and to the airport.

The costof the trip per person is 2200euroson double room occupancy, please feel free to require your stay on a triple and quadruple room occupancy and will provide you with the amended price accordingly.

the price includes:

two yoga practices twice per day for 6 days

all dinners

room occupancy with breakfast

1 30 minutes welcome massage

Lunches will be prepared on request and are not included in the price.

The thee proposed activities can be booked in advance (before arrival) and are not include in the price, ‘please feel free to contact me on matter.

Additional massages and yoga classes can be added on request (please book it before arrival)

It is also possible to add extra days to your itinerary that I will be pleased to organize on request. 

No transportation is included, it is possible to add it according to your needs.

Please bear in mind that the Masseria is a small boutique hotel, every room is unique and differs from each and every other place in the building.

Rooms will be assigned at your arrival.

Please book in advance your experience as the building only includes 10 rooms.

At your disposal for any clarification and or adjustment to create a perfect dress that suits your travelling needs.

Carolina Salini

0039 339 199 4146