The travel that La Botte Piccola has the pleasure to propose to you is in Trentino Alto Adige, in Val di Fiemme, and is a really complete gastronomic experience, that will satisfy both palate and sight, and will let you recharge your batteries, in a place, away from the summer heat, the every day stress, and the city life.

The “pantagruelic” tour is guided by the new Michelin star chef Alessandro Gilmozzi from El Molin in Cavalese.

Good scented recepies, walks in the woods, unpolluted nature, and gastronomy at the top level.

You will be able to taste ancient flavours made with exceptional raw material, that will tease both your palate and memory. An authentic way of cooking based on the products of a territory that is outstanding for its beauties, and that you will be discovering with its gastronomic traditions, and in its most traditional productions; all the tour will be accompanied by a unique “cicerone”.

Your guide will be taking you out for ideally shopping at the best gastronomic producers that Val di Fiemme has, in suggestive locations.

What an offer for both palate and sight…

The Val di Fiemme, green and extraordinarily magnificent lung, hosts excellent restaurants, undamaged nature, and deep-rooted culinary traditions.

During this tour you will be able to taste this all in a range of different restaurant offers and solutions such as: three Michelin star restaurants, an old wine shop situated in an ancient building that dates back to 1500s, the best “Masi” (typical mountain buildings) of the area, situated in the panorama of green meadows and fir trees stretching as far as the eye can see, or selected outstanding farms, or the cattle farmer’s place, where the animals are bred in the wild, and will also be having lunch in private “rifugi” (typical mountain buildings) closed to the public.

You will be tasting the delicious selections made by one of the best chefs in the area who is used to getting the best foods from the best producers.

In this weeks menu you will be getting the most representative foods from the Val di Fiemme: cold cuts, wine, beer, spirits, honey, of course cheese, and handpicked wild herbs that will be served as part of your delicious dinners. You will be discovering mouth-watering examples of the local cuisine in the restaurant’s dishes, and you will have the chance to pick up and select the best of the foods with the aid of your guide, on top of the mountains, just as both in the gardens and in the stable.

A really gluttonous shopping amongst area of excellences.

You will be starting with an extraordinary speck producer, that still works in the old way, whose tradition is the result of an experience that is more than 50 years’old. You will be visiting his family “Maso”, in the larches and the fir trees in the Val di Fiemme, where you will be tasting all the specialities prepared where the stables used to be.

Just as in the other trips organized by “La Botte Piccola” the wine is strictly natural.

The wine maker that has been selected is situated at an altitude between 300 and 400 m, away from any source of pollution, and is surrounded by the groves, that are a natural refuge for the animal species useful for the biological equilibrium, threatened by the one-crop growing.

In this spectacular setting, wild place kept secret to the multitudes you will not only be tasting wine.

We could not exclude from the tour the beer production, in fact the tour will also take you to discover a beer producer that, just like all the rest of the products, are made with artisan techniques. The person who has taken this tradition back to its ancient splendour is Stefano Gilmozzi, owner of the traditional beer factory and brother of our guide.

And than it will be the time of visiting the distillers: the producer that we have selected is located in the most natural setting for distillation, as it is in an ancient “water place”, siege of old water mills.

Also, we certainly could not forget about cheese! In Moena it emanates a really peculiar and distinctive aroma.

Here you will be tasting exceptional cheese made with cow and goat milk.

And then the sweet note of honey.

You will be visiting a very small craft honey maker that will let you taste his unique production that also includes the very rare honey made with rhododendron, a typical plant that grows at highest altitudes in the Alpes.

During this trip you will be experiencing the picking up of berries and wild herbs in the altitude of the mountains while taking a pleasant promenade with the chef Alessandro Ghilmozzi will than host you in his private “Refuge” for a privileged exclusive lunch. You will than have dinner at the Michelin Star Restaurant El Molin for a meal prepared according to the harvest of the day.

Then a small theme variation: the mountain handcraft that conjugates fantasy and tradition in products made with wool that comes from tingola sheep. 

El molin is named after an ancient mill that dates back to 1835, of which we can still see the ancient wooden wheels. In this restaurant you can have wines and taste dishes that are really “trentinissimi”, just like ravioli made with buckwheat, filled with polenta and cheese, with a sauce of porcini mushrooms, or red venison cooked with fennel and smoked juniper.

The other two Michelin Star restaurants are Malga Panna, (both Michelin Star and Jeune Réstaurateur d’Europe), and Maso French, situated near a panoramic vineyard, and with a modern look.

Just like for other selections La Botte Biccola has hunted for you a unique place to spend a special night of rest. It is a “Maso” a 1600s mountain shelter near a quiet village. A mix of modernity and antiquity, made with simple and natural elements that give name to its six rooms.
And out of the rooms at breakfast you will be served fresh handmade cakes, prepared by the precise and loving work of the lady of the house.

In order to grant you comfortable and relaxing transportation La Botte Piccola has included in you trip a mini van with a driver.

The trip is as follows:

Available dates:

In Friday 18th out Saturday 26th July

– Friday night arrival

– Saturday visit at the speck producer, where you will be hosted for lunch, and dinner at El Molin

– Sunday visit at the honey producer, lunch at the old wine shop and visit at the lamb farm

– Monday visit at the cheese and the goat farm, lunch at the same place and in the afternoon visit at the whole jewels

– Tuesday visit at the Cavalese beer factory, and dinner at Malga Panna

– Wednesday visit at the wine producer and at the distillery, and lunch at maso French

– Thursday visit at the cheese makers and lunch at the old wine shop

– Friday exceptional day with Alessandro Gilmozzi for the high altitude “harvest”, promenade and lunch, and at night farewell dinner

– Saturday departure

This trip costs € 1500 per person for a group offour people

As the programme is particularly intense amendments are more than welcome

The price includes:

– Bed and breakfast accommodation

-Mini van with driver

-Lunches and dinners indicated in the programme (wines excluded)


-Visits at the farms


For further clarifications and quotation amendments please contact

Carolina Salini
La Botte Piccola