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  • “Travelling through Liguria, tastes language and hidden treasures”

    The offer I would like to propose is a 1-week tour through the beauties of Liguria: le Cinque Terre, Portofino, Genoa and its hidden treasures and includes 3 cooking sessions and a small course of Italian.

    The offer is valid for a group of 6 people and is subject to availability.

    The tour contains a visit to Cinque Terre, a two days walk between its five astonishing fishing villages set between mountain and sea (Altavia dei Monti Liguri) accompanied by a naturalistic guide, a tasting with a wine producer part of a Slow Food presidium Sciacchetrà delle Cinque Terre, a nice promenade on the Monte di Portofino and a visit to the village of Portofino, 3 days cooking sessions in an outstanding location, 3 course of Italian sessions in the same location, a private tour of the Palazzi dei Rolli (Patrimony of Unisco) in Genoa with an exceptional guide.

    The accommodation I have selected for your trip is in a small locanda in Camogli that only has six rooms, for the first part of the tour and, a villa in Santa Margherita Ligure (both the places have their private swimming pool), during the second part.

    In order to offer you a relaxing experience from all points of view, transportation will be guaranteed by a mini van with driver.

    The trip is as follows:

    - Saturday arrival in Genoa, tour of some of the Palazzi dei Rolli that will be especially opened for our guests, visit to the city with particular attention to historical food shops

    - Sunday visit to The village of Portofino, a tour of the Monte di Portofino with a naturalistic guide

    - Monday cooking session in the morning, lunch prepared by teacher and students together, afternoon Italian session, and free time in the swimming pool of the “School”

    - Tuesday cooking session in the morning, lunch prepared by teacher and students together, afternoon Italian session, and free time in the swimming pool of the “School”

    - Wednesday cooking session in the morning, lunch prepared by teacher and students together, afternoon Italian session, and free time in the swimming pool of the “School”

    - Thursday visit to Cinque Terre

    - Friday tasting held by one of the producers of the Presidium Sciachetrà and visit to the rest of the villages

    - Saturday departure

    The tour of Genoa will be all centred in its historical city centre and will disclose to you some unexpected treasures

    Unesco has decided to include I palazzi dei Rolli between its list of world heritage.

    The over mentioned placas date bake to the history of Genoa between 16th and early 17th.

    The Republic refounded from Andrea Doria between late 16th and early 17th centuries is center of traffics, courts and embassies. In order to host state visits the owners of the buildings were obliged to give hospitality. This happened through lists (”palazzi dei rolli”) subdivided in “levels” for categories of quality.

    During the second day you will be visiting the famous village of Portofino, and the mountain that enclose this beautiful perl of the Mediterrean.

    Portofino has always been a fishing village, In 1935, it was issued a law creating the local “Mount of Portofino Organisation” whose purpose is to protect and defend Portofino (buildings and vegetation) from any alterations that private persons are inclined to make.

    In this manner the antique aspect of Portofino has been kept almost intact. This has created that “angolo di paradiso” that is Portofino, appreciated throughout the entire world and mecca of tourists from all parts of the globe.

    After these two days in the open air discovering various aspects of the region you will spend three days getting into its culture in depth, its language and its culinary aspects.

    You will be participating to cooking sessions and coursed of Italian in an outstanding location

    A private villa on the hills surrounding Genoa with an incredible sight over the town and its gulf.

    After the courses you will be able to relax on the board of the swimming pool overlooking mountains and sea. You will be sharing meals in the garden with a view prepared by your selves.

    As the course is finished you will have the occasion test what you have learnt in the kitchen of the villa in Santa Margherita Ligure.

    All the cooking sessions will be centred over the traditional recipes of Liguria and will be inserted into its cultural environment
    All the recepies are inclusive of seasonal foods, and the vegetables will be collected in the organic garden of the school.

    At the end of the session you will be getting some texts over the lectures and the variety of vegetables used for the recepies.

    The price already includes the midday meal after the courses

    This proposal costs € 1.830 per person for a group of six people

    And is inclusive of


    Private villa rental

    Cooking sessione

    Italian corse

    Transportation with minivan


    The tour is made for a group of 6 people

    For further clarifications and quotation amendments please contact

    Carolina Salini
    La Botte Piccola